10 Inch LED Ring Lights with Stand, Aerbee 3 Colors and 10 Brightness Remotely Controlled Ringlight

Making videos is one thing but when it comes to lighting that’s a completely different ballgame, adding a Ring light does improve the quality of your video.

“Looking to improve on the video quality? “

Ring lights are a great tool to use in dark places, especially when you’re doing face-to-face camera work.

Ring lights work with any camera but more designs to work with mobile devices gets light in the right places and improves camera quality so you always look good on camera.

The ring light comes with its stand or it’s very easy to adapt to a tripod or using a microphone stands as the picture above demonstrates.

Easily adjustable camera mount to get your camera balanced, so not taking a wonky shot and with the different colour options you can get a perfect glow around your chops(face).

The ring light is powered by USB so it can be plugged into a USB charger or a battery bank which makes it very portable and easy to carry around and use on location or from your home.

“Can be power from a USB Battery Bank  or Portable charger!”

Getting a good picture it’s not always about the camera your using, it’s about the way you use your light, Ring light does make a difference illustrated below show Gems using her Ring light and you can see how much it lights her face up even in dark rooms or very low lit rooms.

Take a look at our video we currently film on a DJ I Osmo as our main camera and the face-to-face camera we are using an iPhone 11 shooting on 4K and a ring light as our main light source for the shot.

Before starting filming I was amazed by how much the Ring light made a difference, everything on the camera was default settings just straight out of the box, I’m very much a person that likes to shoot straight not have to spend hours changing settings so hence why I always shoot with a basic set up the comes by default by the manufacturer.

On a video there are no colour changes done in the edit is very much straight from the camera, it’s edited together with no colour correction just using the bare basics that come from the camera.

Gem is wearing make-up, she’s has very good make-up skills so again all this is done with the bare basics camera settings one ring light and we got amazing results.

We currently have six-ring lights which we use in various locations and setups, in our eyes, the ring light is perfect portable lighting set up and easy to use and works on portable power like the USB battery bank.

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