I have just started a new project which I calling Garden Landscaping time lapse , as you can see from my photos I taken today that we going to be capturing the Garden landscape with our GoPro camera over 6 days.

I never shoot a time-lapse more the 12 hours at a time as I haven’t really push these GoPro to there limited as they are not cheap camera to break.

Spoken with the guy in charge of the building site who will provide me with normal power so I don’t  have to keep coming back and changing battery packs and SD cards etc.

I will be setting up the go pro to time-lapse video with 10s 1 frame every 10 seconds, protune on and that should be good to go.

I will be pushing a video out on my Youtube channel to cover my settings and the end results and I will update this page when finish with the final before and after video.