I have all this nice new space in my ManCave (Shed) I spent just over £3,000 including the shed cost and having power installed and the extra bits like keeping it warm in winter and trying to keep in cool in summer.

I want a bench that will hold my iMac and just be editing station with loads of work space, and want to keep it clean and tidy.

because I have a wall inside keeping the shed warm it allowing me to run cable behind so the bench build can been clean of cabling and it should look good once it completed.

I didn’t want to have large hole left afterwards so I keep them small just enough for the cables to pull though, and the rest is hidden behind the wall.

See how nice and tidy it now look from behind my iMac, once I move it back in place you not able to see any of the cables, support tidy. I just wish I had the part which allow me to hang the iMac off the wall too, but my model doesn’t come with one, did look into this maybe my next upgrade I make sure one included.

I have install a 16 way UK PDU Power which give me 16 plugs for power and yes it bit of over kill but you never know when you need them. I also install 3 port USB and SD card Reader USB 3 and has a extension lead going back to the iMac so it all supper tidy under there, and on the end is a 5 port USB charger.