Mini-SAS HD (high density) product family includes compact, high-speed I/O solutions for SAS applications storage, rack-mount servers, workstations, storage racks, high-performance computing, HBAs (host bus adapters), RAID (redundant arrays of inexpensive disks), switches and more. Mini-SAS to 4 SATA Forward Breakout Cable is an essential component of a hardware RAID configuration.

– Condition: 100% Brand new
– Length: 0.5m/1.64ft, 1m/3ft
– Host/Controller Connection: 1 x 36 pin Mini-SAS SFF-8087 – male with latch
– SATA Drive Connections: 4 x 7 pin SATA receptacle – female with latch
– SATA devices at data rates up to 12Gb/s
– Pair with a 4 port SATA to power splitter cable to provide power to the drives
– The capabilities of your SAS controller and SATA drives decided the Data transfer speed

The combination of a slim ribbon cable design in a woven mesh sheath with locking connector latches provides a professional installation that minimizes the impact on airflow in a computer case.

Mini-SAS Cables works with the LSI SAS 9207-8i KIT 8-Port Int

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